The IRZ has been supporting the knowledge of German law in Southeast Europe for a long time with a series of translations of German law publications with commentaries, monographs and text books which are of interest in these states as well. Translations which have been published in this context so far include the German Code of Criminal Procedure, the German "Guidelines for Criminal Proceedings and Proceedings Concerning Regulatory Offences (RiStBV)" and the 10th book of the German Code of Civil Procedure. But also provisions of the German Federal states such as the Bavarian legal training and examination regulations or the implementing regulations on the official appraisal of judges of the Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia have already been published. Other publications include text books on European law, a volume with lectures on administrative law and administrative jurisdiction as well as a monograph by the former President of the Federal Constitutional Court, Prof Dr Jutta Limbach.

A Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian translation of the German insurance contract law has now been issued within these activities. Hence, the text of this German law, which is relevant also in economic terms, is now also available in a language which is spoken by most lawyers in the successor states of former Yugoslavia.

A detailed introduction which also refers to the law of the region provides for an easier understanding of the German law text by the readers of the region. It was written by Dr Slavko Djordjevic, a German-speaking professor at the law faculty of Kragujevac, Serbia, and Dr Darko Samardzic, a German lawyer with a Serbian background. The former president of the Serbian Insurance Law Association, Prof Dr Jovan Slavnic, made a contribution in which he submits some suggestions for the future regulation of the insurance contract in the Serbian law based on the German law.

The publication starts with prefaces by the General Manager of the German Insurance Association GDV , Dr Jörg Freiherr Frank von Fürstenwerth, and the acting President of the Serbian Insurance Law Association, Prof Dr Slobodan Jovanovic.

The publication is part of the IRZ's long-standing cooperation with the above-mentioned Serbian Association in the field of insurance law which the GDV regularly supports with its contributors.