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Follow-Up Conference in Tunis dealing with the Hague Conventions

Published: June 3, 2014
The international legal cooperation on the basis of the Hague Conventions is in the focus of the international conferences organised by the IRZ this year. After the event in Tbilisi in February 2013 implemented for our partner states from Central and Eastern Europe, the Southern Caucasus and Central Asia, a follow-up conference took place in Tunis on 29/30 October 2013 attended by representatives from nine states of the Arab legal system. These were: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauretania, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.

The event provided a confidential setting for the IRZ in order to promote the accession to or the ratification of the Hague Conventions in an open dialogue in cooperation with the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference. These offer unique opportunities for facilitating international legal relations in times of increasing global networking. To continue the approximation process and to build on the achievements made so far, the IRZ is planning a follow-up conference to take place in one of the participating Arab states in 2014 in cooperation with the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference.