2015109 Tunesien Praxisaufenthalt Köln

From 29 September to 9 October 2015, the IRZ organised a practical training programme for 15 Tunisian judges and public prosecutors in Bonn and Cologne. For the fourth consecutive year, participants were offered a comprehensive programme to support efforts to implement judicial reform. The main aim of the training programme was for participants to experience everyday legal proceedings in Germany. During the theoretical part of the course in the first week, lecturers (including Mr Selter, a former Prosecutor General and judges at the Regional Court of Cologne) taught participants the basics of the German legal and court system. The subsequent practical part of the course over the following week was of particular interest. During this time, once they had been introduced to the relevant case reports, the Tunisian guests were able to observe civil and criminal hearings at the Regional Court of Cologne. Many discussions on topics such as the independence of the judiciary, streamlining proceedings and judicial administration contributed towards an informative and inspiring exchange for both sides.