IRZ has extensive expertise in the area of international legal cooperation. The approximately 75 employees in Bonn and Berlin as well as the team in the partner states put their longstanding experience and their professional skill into practice competently and efficiently in the many projects.

In-house expertise

The individual project areas are managed by fully qualified legal experts with professional experience in the areas of justice, administration, academia, economy or legal activity. In addition to professional legal competence, they are also aware of the respective legal and social systems of the partner states.

The international team of IRZ also has intercultural competence as well as language skills in 18 languages at present.

Expertise in the association and Board of Trustees

Over the course of many years, IRZ has established a wide circle of experts and can depend on the expertise of members of the association and the Board of Trustees.

Besides the Federal Ministry of Justice and the state judicial administrations, this includes all relevant professional bodies and professional associations like the German Association of Judges, the German Federal Bar, the German Bar Association, the Federal Chamber of Notaries, the German Notaries’ Association, the Association of German Judicial Officers, among others.

IRZ is also supported by the major umbrella organisations of German industry.

Professional competence is paramount in selecting the experts. The experts working for IRZ are therefore proven specialists in their respective legal area so that we can provide extensive expertise to our partner institutions. Their long-standing cooperation with us is also a guarantee that they can prove extensive experience in the area of international legal advice and frequently also display in-depth knowledge of legal and social systems of individual partner states.

Before assignments abroad, IRZ attaches great importance to preparing the experts with great care. We can therefore assure professional advice, which is knowledgeable and is sensitive to local realities.