The IRZ has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of international legal cooperation. Its approx. 70 staff members in Bonn and Berlin as well as its employees in the partner states implement this experience and know-how continuously, competently and efficiently in various projects supported by the Institution.

In-house expertise

The individual project areas are managed by qualified lawyers who have work experience in the judiciary, administration, science, economy or legal practice. In addition to professional legal competence, the employees of the IRZ have both the particular language skills and a profound knowledge of the respective legal and social systems of the partner countries.

Expertise in the Association and the Board of Trustees

The IRZ can also draw back on the expertise of the members of the Association and of the Board of Trustees. These include, in addition to the Federal Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Administrations of the Länder, all relevant professional associations such as the German Association of Judges, the German Insurance Association, the Federal German Bar Association, the German Bar Association, the Association of German Notaries, the Association of Judicial Officers and others. Over the years, the IRZ has set up a large group of experts.

What is more, the IRZ is supported by the big umbrella organisations of the German industry (the Federation of German Industries, the German Insurance Association, the Association of German Banks and others). The experts working for us cover almost all fields of law, so the IRZ is able to provide comprehensive expert knowledge to its partner countries.

What are the qualifications of the IRZ's experts?

The IRZ's experts are renowned specialists in their particular field of law. Many of our experts have been working for the IRZ for many years and thus have far-reaching experience in the field of international legal consultation and in parts also profound knowledge of the legal and social systems of individual partner states. This ensures that our consultations deal with the local conditions in a skilful and sensitive way. Professional competence is in the focus, of course, when we select our experts, but we likewise take intercultural competence into consideration. The IRZ sets great store by preparing its experts thoroughly prior to seconding them on long-term assignments abroad.