Subject focus

Subject focus of our advice

Constitution / fundamental rights and their enforceability

Respect for and effective protection of human rights are guidelines for promoting the rule of law sustainably; to make them more valid is an overarching task, which forms the basis of work of IRZ in all areas of international legal cooperation. Stable constitutions ensure a democratic and constitutional structure of the state with a system of checks and balances – they are the priorities of our work.

Rule of law and Judiciary

The goal of our activity of providing advice is also to create and strengthen a judicial system in line with the European standard:

  • an independent judiciary with the opportunity to monitor the actions of the government,
  • a judicial system which not only assures justice but also can implement it,
  • European legal standards taking into consideration the ECHR case-law with its implications for national legislation and application of the law.

The objective of our advice is thus the court constitutions, all codes of procedure as well as law of enforcement. Training and further training of lawyers from all legal professions get our special attention so that new law and new legal standards are also implemented.

Civil and commercial law

In civil and commercial law, German law has an exemplary function as a well-established system over several years and which is harmonised with European law. The civil and commercial law of many of our partner states can be traced back to continental European roots and has comparable systematic interrelations.

The advice service of IRZ can help in preventing system breaks and incoherent legal systems as well as resulting legal uncertainty in the economic life in partner countries.

Our objective is to help in providing and building a stable market-oriented, social, civil and economic legal system, which provides a reliable framework for national and international economic relations.

Public law

Public law is also of particular importance for the advice activity of IRZ. The chance of judicial monitoring of government action is still new in some partner countries. In this respect, the system of both the German protection of administration law as well as administrative procedure law is illustrative for many partners and acts as a model. Moreover, the public-legal parameters are also important for entrepreneurial activity.

Criminal law

Another focus of our activity is cooperation in the area of criminal law from a constitutional and human rights perspective. Therefore, the advice extends to criminal procedure law, material criminal law, penitentiary law and combating corruption.

European law

For accession candidate countries of our partner states, harmonisation of the national law with the European law takes centre stage. Our advice extends to the issue of implementation of decisions of the European Court of Justice into national law and in case-law. The European Convention of Human Rights, the standards of the Council of Europe and the decisions of the ECHR are another important component of cooperation with partner states.