Mission statement

The objective of IRZ’s work is to contribute to the partner states in the areas of

  • crisis prevention, conflict management and peace building
  • sustainable, also market-based development on the basis of modern civil and commercial law
  • policy to combat corruption
  • human rights and international humanitarian law
  • promoting democracy
  • exchange on legal understandings
  • joint further development of the law

by promoting the rule of law and with advisory support in the

  • establishment and improvement of structures and procedures within state institutions
  • support for legal reforms in civil and commercial law, public law and criminal law, including the respective procedural and litigation law; closure of implementation gaps
  • access to justice and dispute resolution
  • strengthening the independence of the judiciary and judicial integrity
  • building and strengthening the administration of justice and criminal procedure law
  • ensuring administrative adherence to law and order
  • dissemination of the law
  • strengthening of key actors
  • improving political participation within civil society
  • as well as measures for basic and further training and the promotion of law students and young lawyers,

in order to contribute to the implementation of the Federal Government’s foreign legal policy goals.