The work of IRZ in our partner states aims to contribute towards:

  • crisis prevention, conflict management and the promotion of peace
  • sustainable and market-based development
  • the fight against corruption
  • human rights and international humanitarian law
  • promoting democracy
  • exchanging interpretations of the law
  • the joint further development of the law

This is achieved by promoting the rule of the law and helping with:

  • the development and improvement of the structures and procedures of state institutions
  • support for legal reforms; closing the implementation gap
  • access to the law and dispute resolution
  • increasing the independence of the justice system; judicial integrity;
  • developing and improving the administration of justice and the prosecution of offences
  • connecting administration with the law and justice; disseminating legal knowledge
  • supporting key players
  • improving the political participation of civil society
  • providing further training and support for young lawyers.

This helps towards implementing the foreign policy objectives of the German Federal Government in terms of promoting and maintaining international cooperation and an intercultural dialogue in the field of justice and the law, with a view to achieving international understanding.