Seminar on International Hague Conventions

During the seminar: Olga Ryl, Shakir Shayakhmetov, Aigul Zhamansariyeva, Zaure Keikibassova, Dr. Joanna Guttzeit, Christian Höhn (f.l.t.r.).
During the seminar: Olga Ryl, Shakir Shayakhmetov, Aigul Zhamansariyeva, Zaure Keikibassova, Dr. Joanna Guttzeit, Christian Höhn (f.l.t.r.).
Republic of Kazakhstan

Cross-border child abductions and the gathering of evidence present international courts with major challenges in practice. The IRZ and the Supreme Court and the Court Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan therefore organised a seminar in Shymkent on 11-12 May, 2023 on “The Practical Application of the Hague Convention on the Civil Law Aspects of International Child Abduction dated 25 October, 1980 and on the Acquisition of Evidence Abroad in civil or Commercial Matters dated 18 March, 1970”. The event was held in hybrid form and was thematically linked to last year's series of seminars with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Speakers and participants discussed the problematic and urgent issues of the implementation of the two Conventions at an international and national level and discussed the main problems of the judicial application of the Conventions and the practice of interpretation. The organisers facilitated expert exchanges and networking among the judges at an international and national level.

Supreme Court judge Zaure Keikibasova opened the event and moderated the programme. International experts Philippe Lortie, First Secretary of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, Melissa Ford, Secretary of the Hague Conference on Private International Law, Christian Höhn, Head of Division at the Federal Office of Justice and RiinAG Dr. Joanna Guttzeit, Liaison Judge at the International Hague Liaison Judges Network/ Liaison Judge at the European Judicial Network also spoke at the event.

The international team of experts addressed the following topics in the presentations:

  • Details of the Hague Convention of 25 October, 1980 on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
  • Court practice regarding the implementation
  • Cooperation between central authorities; in Germany, the Federal Office of Justice
  • Convention on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters dated 18 March, 1970: theory and practice

The participants from Kazakhstan who gave lectures Zhanargul Alpysbayeva, President of the Astana Juvenile Court, Akmaral Kusherbayeva, Judge at the City Court of Astana and Olga Ryl, Head of the Public Foundation “Pravo”.

The group of participants consisted of representatives of the regional departments of the court administration, judges at the specialised national juvenile courts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, judge coordinators of the territorial and equivalent courts and specialists of the territorial court administrations responsible for international legal assistance.

The participants engaged in an intense dialogue. The attendees at the seminar and organisers expressed their mutual interest in further cooperation We are planning to continue the series of events next year.

Focus on the policy to combat corruption

Republic of Kazakhstan

The first online seminar on this topic was held on 17th March 2023 to kick off a series of training courses on the prevention of and combat against corruption, which the IRZ is planning in cooperation with the anti-corruption agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2023.

The presentation of the two German experts, Senior Public Prosecutor Wolf-Tilman Baumert, Director of the Economic Crme Department at the Wuppertal Public Prosecutor's Office and Professor Dr. Bijan Nowrousian from the University of Police and Public Administration NRW in Münster focused on the following topics:

  • The anti-corruption policy in Germany
  • Whistleblowers
  • Effective anti-corruption measures
  • Conflicts of interest

Approx. 70 participants attended who were employees of various departments in the Anti-Corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The presentations were practice-oriented, as both speakers have expert knowledge and extensive expertise in this area, which was extremely well received by the participants. The opportunity to report cases of corruption anonymously and to protect whistleblowers in Germany attracted particular interest.

An event on the subject of compliance is also planned in consultation with the Kazakh partner institution. The IRZ is thus expanding its consistent project portfolio in Kazakhstan.

Training in administrative law

Training in administrative law in Astana
Training in administrative law in Astana
Republic of Kazakhstan

The new Code of Administrative Procedures and Procedures of the RK (APPK) came into force in Kazakhstan on 1 July 2021. Against this backdrop, IRZ has been providing advice on administrative and a Code of Administrative Procedure since late 2020.

As part of these consultations, a training course on “Administrative Law: Theory and Practice of Teaching” took place in Astana on 12-13 October 2022 in cooperation with KAZGUU University, Centre for Administrative Law and German Law. The target group were university lecturers who lecture on administrative law.

LMR Dr Christian Reitemeier, Ministry of Justice of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and Dr Christian Schaich, Administrative Director, Centre for Eastern European and International Studies, opened the series of presentations by outlining the courses in law at universities in Germany, and then conducted exercises on practical case solutions.

The following topics were covered in detail:

  • Introduction to the German techniques and procedures for solving cases
  • Principles of administrative procedure and their application
  • Discussion and resolution of a case from general administrative law based on German law and with reference to the APPK RK
  • Individual instruments of public administration (legal and administrative acts) and their application

The feedback on the training sessions was very positive. As the event was held face-to-face, participants were able to exchange their experiences directly with the German experts and explore them further in personal discussions.

The consultations on administrative law will be continued in 2023.