Events held in Kazakhstan on preventing and combating corruption

During the seminar on 4 December in Nursultan
During the seminar on 4 December in Nursultan

In partnership with the Law Academy at the Office of the Public Prosecutor General in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the IRZ organised a seminar on combating corruption on 4 December in Nursultan, followed by a round table discussion on the same subject held on the following day.

The seminar was aimed at employees of law enforcement authorities, who are currently attending further training courses at the Academy and were able to gain an insight into the German system thanks to the IRZ seminar.

The round table discussions held on 5 December 2019 involved, amongst others, representatives of the training institute at the Law Academy. The IRZ was able to recruit Public Prosecutor Stefan Schlotter from the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office to attend both event formats as a German expert. Stefan Schlotter spoke about subjects including methods of exposing and investigating corruption offences and also used practical case examples to present the main methods of preventing corruption.

There were lively discussions at both events, with participants showing their interest by asking the German expert plenty of questions. The participants were able to study the subjects of preventing and combating corruption in depth and gain valuable knowledge along the way.