Training on the topic of "Drafting judgements"

Image of the event participants in the training situation
Image of the event participants in the training situation

A training course on the topic of "Drafting judgments" took place on 30 May 2024 in Tirana, which was implemented by IRZ in cooperation with the School of Magistrates in Albania. The training was aimed at Albanian judges and is part of the strategy to deal specifically with cross-cutting issues and thus provide further training in key skills across all areas of law.

The aim of the event was to train the participants to write consistent, logical and specific reasons for judgements in accordance with the law, to raise awareness of the relevance of this type of reasoning and thus to enable the effective handling of legal disputes. The focus was on the structure of the reasons for judgement, the standards of review by the court of appeal in Albania and the German standards for writing judgements.

The event was organised as part of the institutional grant from the Federal Ministry of Justice. IRZ will continue its constructive cooperation with the Magistrates' School in the area of training and further training for judges in the future.