IRZ organised a virtual exchange of experience on the fight against tax evasion and money laundering on 7 July 2022 in cooperation with the Jordanian Judicial Council and the Judicial Academy. The event was held with institutional funding from the Federal Ministry of Justice.

Participants on the Jordanian side were judges at various courts and representatives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office specialised in tax law.

The following topics were discussed at the event:

  • methods that the tax authorities and Public Prosecutor’s Office can use to uncover tax evasion
  • procedures and legal mechanisms for prosecuting tax evasion
  • legal measures for preventing tax evasion.

On the Jordanian side, Mr Hussein Abu Al-Samen, President of the Court of Appeal, gave a presentation on the measures to combat tax evasion in Jordan. He referred to the amendments to the Jordanian laws on the collection of income and sales tax and emphasised the immense importance of enabling access to the information held by the financial authorities. Moreover, he addressed the role of public relations in tax matters and the importance of educating taxpayers. Citizens are more willing to pay their taxes if the state uses these revenues efficiently and for the common good.

Dr Michael Nehring, judge at the Regional Court of Bonn, and Mr Stefan Schlotter from the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office represented IRZ at the event. They discussed the situation in Germany and outlined the instrument of voluntary disclosure. Their talks also dealt with the specialised public prosecutor’s offices for capital market offences and the legal measures to prevent tax evasion.

IRZ is planning additional events on these issues in cooperation with its Jordanian partner institutions to reflect the significance and topicality of this topic.