Mediation promotes an EU rapprochement

The mediators from Montenegro in front of the IHK Frankfurt/Main
The mediators from Montenegro in front of the IHK Frankfurt/Main

“Business mediation” was the topic of a working visit to Frankfurt am Main from 14-17 November 2022, the Federal Ministry of Justice (BMJ) and IRZ invited a group of Montenegrin mediators to attend. This project was supported by the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution in Montenegro and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Frankfurt am Main, which hosted the training courses. 

The participants work as instructors in mediation in their home country and the IHK in Frankfurt am Main also provides mediator training courses. The three-day working meeting therefore consisted of presentations, discussion rounds and roleplay sessions, led by the lawyer Prof Dr Renate Dendorfer-Ditges and lawyer and solicitor (England & Wales) Anke Beyer.

Combination of face-to-face and online elements

The face-to-face elements were supplemented by an online presence where the most important players in mediation in Germany were able to present their activities. The focus here was quality assurance and how to deal with difficult situations in mediation.

The legal-political dimension of the event

The participants therefore gained a comprehensive insight into mediation in Germany and many recommendations for their own practical work, which will help to implement Directive 2008/52/EC on certain aspects of mediation in civil and commercial matters in Montenegro. The event contributes to the effective resolution of legal disputes, which is also the subject of the cooperation agreement between the Montenegro Ministry of Justice, the founder of the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution of Montenegro, and the Federal Ministry of Justice.