The IRZ organised an online seminar for lawyers from the Middle East on 18 September 2023 to discuss “Citizenship law and naturalisation procedures” which was funded by the Federal Ministry of Justice within the framework of the institutional subsidy.

The online seminar was the second part of a two-day series of seminars on this topic, the first of which was held in April 2023 on “Administrative and administrative court procedure law”.

Ms. Aisha Irshad, a lawyer for migration law, took part in the seminar on behalf of the IRZ, and presented the basics of citizenship law and naturalisation procedures.

  • These included, among others: naturalisation in accordance with § 8 StAG (German Nationality Act)
  • Entitlement to naturalisation in accordance with § 10 StAG
  • Conditions for application in accordance with §§ 8-10 StAG
  • Planned naturalisation reform

The complex subject matter and theoretical explanations were illustrated using practical case studies.

The discussions concentrated on migration law such as citizenship, residence and asylum law, general administrative law and administrative procedural law which are particularly relevant to the participants, and the seminar was designed to focus specifically on these subject areas. The lawyers should then, where possible, apply the knowledge they acquired in their professional practice and therefore expand their opportunities on the job market.

24 participants from, among others, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain attended the event. The group included people who had completed a law degree in their own countries, and were working in the legal professions, and those who had studied at German universities or completed a master’s degree (LL.M).

They used the opportunity to explore expert questions and clearly demonstrated their great interest in the topic. The participants asked many questions, particularly with regard to the ability to support themselves as a prerequisite for naturalisation. However, special cases were also discussed, such as the naturalisation of persons who are stateless. To close, Ms. Irshad explained the planned changes within the scope of the naturalisation reform, which is due to enter into force in 2024.

The IRZ is also planning to hold events on this theme next year, owing to the high demand for legal issues around migration.