Sixth IRZ Summer School on German Law a resounding success

From 3 to 9 July 2016, the IRZ is holding its sixth annual “German Law Summer School” in Brühl and Bonn. Originally devised as an addition to the German-language supplementary study course on the introduction of German law at the Ivan Franko University of Lviv (Western Ukraine), the Summer School has right from the start also involved Bosnian participants from the supplementary course offered by the IRZ in Bosnia. Since then, the summer course has appealed to numerous IRZ partner states and every year is increasingly in great demand. Participants must have a very good level of German.

This year’s participants in the summer school come from ten different IRZ partner states: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Serbia, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. Russia and Turkey are being represented for the first time.

The Summer School includes lectures on the following subjects:

  • Civil law, in particular property law/collateral securities,
  • Company law,
  • Insolvency law,
  • Arbitration,
  • European civil and commercial law,
  • Constitutional court law,
  • Case law,
  • Law on lawyers and
  • Human rights (the protection of fundamental rights by the German Constitutional Court and by the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Court of Human Rights).

For the first time, a lecture and exercise on methodology is also included in the programme. The Summer School once again includes a visit to hearings at a civil and criminal division of the Regional and Local Courts of Bonn, as well as talks at the University of Bonn, during which participants can find out about the opportunities for study courses for foreign students and post-graduates.

Thanks to its huge popularity, the IRZ Summer School, which is predominantly aimed at law students and new entrants to the legal profession, will also continue to take place in years to come.