Prof Dr Stanko Bejatović during his presentation
Prof Dr Stanko Bejatović during his presentation

The traditional conference of the Serbian Association of Criminal Law Theory and Practice took place in Zlatibor (Serbia) on 22-24 September 2022. IRZ organised the event with the Ministry of Justice, the Academy of Justice and the Institute for Criminological and Sociological Research.

Approx. 300 participants attended the event, including ministry officials, academics, judges, lawyers and students. The organisers provided the translations of the German StGB (German Penal Code) and the StPO (German Code of Civil Procedure) published by IRZ this year with a technical introduction.

The German-speaking criminal law experts, constitutional judge Prof Dr Milan Škulić and Prof Dr Stanko Bejatović all praised the publications and the quality of the translations. They stressed that these texts should be used as a guide for future legislative reform projects to counteract the trend towards hybrid laws in criminal law and criminal procedure law, which has been regularly observed in recent years and which arose from the influence of the United States.

Lawyer Dr Stefan Pürner, the responsible Head of Section of the IRZ, speaks fluent Serbian, and referred to the extensive experience of the IRZ. The IRZ expertise is helpful to avoid legislative wrong turns, including the adoption of legal institutions that are alien to the system.

The translations have received a very positive response in the region as a whole. Both the Association of Permanent Court Translators and Interpreters of Serbia and the Association of Translators and Interpreters in neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina recommend the volumes to their members on the LinkedIn website.