Lecture on legal training in Germany

Attendees at the event.
Attendees at the event.

A lecture on the theme “Legal training in Germany” took place on 6 November 2023 at the Kragujevac Faculty of Law in Serbia, which the IRZ used to bolster the Faculty’s existing orientation towards the German training model.

The lecture was given in the Serbian language by the responsible IRZ Project Area Manager, Dr. Stefan Pürner. Approx. 50 professionals attended the event who are already working with the German case method in some events, and were particularly interested in the predominantly written nature of the legal exams, the anonymous assessment of such, the legal grading system and the range of training phases during the internship. Speakers and participants also discussed the influence of artificial intelligence on the content of legal training.

The fact that German law is the subject of such intensive discussions in Kragujevac today is all the more remarkable, as the city was the scene of a mass shooting by the German Wehrmacht during the Second World War, in which entire school classes were also executed. The IRZ has supported the university's Faculty of Law for many years, e.g. through donations of expert legal literature, and was honoured for its commitment during the celebrations for the Faculty's 50th anniversary.