Participants of the working group meeting in Tunis.
Participants of the working group meeting in Tunis.

Four working groups were set up to explore the subject areas within the scope of an IRZ project funded by the Federal Foreign Office to support the modernisation of the judiciary in Tunisia in ​​criminal law and legislation technique. The first meeting of the Steering Committee of the working groups and the first working group meetings took place in Tunis on 8-9 May 2023.

The Steering Committee will assume a consulting role to assist the development of the guidelines in the various working groups and coordinate the work processes.

The project was launched in 2022 and is being implemented with various stakeholders from Tunisian civil society.

The four working groups will, among others, develop guidelines, manuals or recommendations on the following main topics of the project:

  • Development of a preventive criminal law policy
  • Increased efficiency in criminal proceedings
  • Codification and standardisation of draft legislation
  • Conformity and harmonisation of draft laws with international agreements / examination of draft laws

The aim of the first meeting was to jointly determine the respective focal points and detailed subject areas in the working groups and a timetable and organisational schedule for the creation of the guidelines and manuals.

Members of the working groups were lecturers from the law faculty of the University of El Manar and lawyers and judges.

Mr. Pascal Décarpes, EU expert in criminal law, took part as an IRZ expert.

The Tunisian team was highly committed and engaged in the discussions and in reforms in ​​criminal law and legislation technique. Additional working group meetings will take place in the following weeks and months to develop the guidelines and manuals or recommendations by the end of 2023.