In focus: Prevention of juvenile delinquency

Participants of the event
Participants of the event

Protection and enforcement of social rights with a special focus on young people were the focus of a seminar held in Tashkent in May 2024. The focus was on the prevention of juvenile delinquency. IRZ organised the event in close cooperation with the General Prosecutor's Office, a long-standing partner of IRZ, and the newly founded Agency for Social Protection in Tashkent.

The experts presented and discussed proven preventive measures and strategies against juvenile delinquency and introduced various best-practice models for prevention, rehabilitation and resocialisation. Together with the participants, they discussed the important role of education and vocational training. The team of experts discussed the perspectives of the family court and best practices in dealing with juvenile delinquency in a practical manner.

Visits to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the German Embassy in Tashkent rounded off the programme.

The seminar in Tashkent was an important step towards strengthening the protection and enforcement of social rights in Uzbekistan. The discussion and presentation of various prevention strategies and resocialisation programmes provided valuable impetus for combating juvenile delinquency in the country.