Albania: Consolidation of the Justice System in Albania (EURALIUS V)

The project team
The project team

EU Grant Project

Consolidation of the Justice System in Albania
April 2018 – December 2021
IRZ Lead; Budget: 7,5 Mio. Euro

Website: EURALIUS V in Albania

Fortunately, the IRZ won the EU financed EURALIUS V project as leading partner. It is seamlessly continuing the EURALIUS IV project which has successfully been carried out in Albania since autumn 2014. 

The total project volume is approx. EUR 7.5 million and it will run for 36 months. A team of around 40 members is budgeted in total, including 16 international experts, 13 local long-term experts and 10 team members in charge of the project administration. 

Judge Dr. Agnes Bernhard from Austria is again the resident team leader. 

The Consortium partners are:

  • the “Centre for International Legal Cooperation” (CILC) from the Netherlands,
  • the “Agency for Economic Development” (AED) from Austria and
  • the “Consiglo Superiore della Magistratura“ (CSM) from Italy.

The first two organisations have already been involved in EURALIUS IV. 

EURALIUS V deals with the overall consolidation of the current judicial reform. It is planned to set up new judicial administration authorities within the constitutional reform in Albania, which has been delayed so far for various political reasons. The EURALIUS V project has started in a very sensitive phase, since the outcome of the current vetting procedure, i.e. the review of all judges and public prosecutors, will be a key factor for the establishment of new institutions and the implementation of planned reforms.

Funded by the European Union