Online seminar for prospective administrative judges

Graphics: IRZ
Graphics: IRZ

The new administrative process law and administrative procedural law will come into force on 1 July 2021 in Kazakhstan. In this context, IRZ in cooperation with the Law Academy of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan, has already organised several further training seminars for Kazakh judges, the last of which was held on 3 March 2021.

This online seminar, for which IRZ was able to enlist two experts with many years of experience, Dr. Christian Schaich and Dr. Christian Reitemeier, was aimed at prospective administrative judges.

Dr. Christian Schaich, Administrative Director at the Centre for East European and International Studies, opened the event with a lecture on “General administrative law”. He shed light on the following points in particular:

  • Sources of administrative law and their classification
  • The concept of administrative acts and the different types of these acts
  • Opposition to administrative acts

Dr. Christian Reitemeier, Chief of Department at the Ministry of Justice for North Rhine-Westphalia, went on to present administrative court proceedings by addressing the following topics:

  • administrative expenses
  • the handling of administrative court claims by judges
  • administrative court rulings

Both IRZ experts were excellent mediators and illustrated their lectures, which were met with a great deal of interest from the Kazakh participants, with plenty of examples of actual cases. Since only future administrative judges were taking part in the seminar, the expert discussions were at a correspondingly high level.

IRZ is planning further training for judges in Kazakhstan, covering topics including mediation and court settlements in administrative proceedings.