Work on reforms to the Civil Code of Ukraine continues


Despite the war Russia is currently waging against Ukraine, the ZGB-AG, based at the Ukrainian parliament, is pressing ahead with work on reforming the Civil Code. The IRZ will provide further consultation on this project. Director of the Kyiv regional centre of the National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine, Professor Oleksiy Kot, who is also the Deputy Chair of ZGB-AG, and former Deputy Minister of Justice Efimenko had approached the IRZ with an initial request for an online discussion on how to continue the previous cooperation on reform of the Civil Code. Professor Natalia Kuznetsova, member of the ZGB-AG and the Academy of Legal Sciences, also took part in this discussion. It was agreed to hold an initial online expert talk on the existing Civil Code reform concept at the end of June 2022; further follow-up meetings are planned. The IRZ had already advised on the drafting of the current Ukrainian Civil Code, which dates back to 2003. Two experts from the IRZ already prepared initial expert opinions on the overall concept of the First Book of the draft reform of the Civil Code in early 2022; and the experts are ready to continue the consultations. Despite the current exceptional situation, the IRZ and the Ukrainian partners will attempt to advance the efforts to reform civil law in Ukraine oriented towards European standards.