Online training on the subject of “Fighting organised crime”

Graphics: IRZ
Graphics: IRZ

In partnership with the Supreme Judicial Council and the Judicial Institute of Jordan, IRZ organised a four-day online training event from 21 to 24 September 2020 on “Fighting organised crime”.

The event was opened by the Director of the Judicial Institute of Jordan, judge Ihsan Barakat. The training session focussed on effective strategies for fighting organised crime, which were discussed using examples from the areas of money laundering and the international drug trade. Other topics discussed during the event were:

  • international legal aid,
  • offences involving economic crime
  • measures to combat economic crime
  • money laundering and the financing of terrorism,
  • data formats used in investigation processes by police and public prosecutors,
  • assessing witness statements and
  • Monitoring international flows of money.

The experts appointed by IRZ were:

  • Jürgen Maurer, former Vice-President of the German Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA),
  • Andreas Stüve, Senior Public Prosecutor and
  • Stefan Schlotter, Public Prosecutor.

They gave the participants a detailed insight into German investigation strategies in the fight against organised crime and explained how the police and public prosecutors work together in their investigations. The IRZ experts also drew attention to the fact that data processing and the resulting flow of information between investigation authorities in particular must be continuously developed to enhance the success of investigations

The liveliness of the discussions and exchanges between the experts and participants is proof of the continued high level of interest shown by the Jordanian institutions in this subject. IRZ is therefore aiming to continue the partnership with Jordan in the fight against organised crime.

This online training event took place within the framework of the institutional funding provided by the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV).