Croatia: Support to further development and strengthening of the Probation Service in Croatia (CRO PROBATION)

EU Twinning

Team leader: Esther Montero Pérez de Tudela
Junior project leader: Dr. Ioan Durnescu
RTA: Laura Negredo López
Responsible at the IRZ: Johannes Schlicht, Bojana Tadic

The web presence of the project: Newsletter and Facebook page

This Twinning project, conducted by the IRZ and the Spanish partner institution FIIAPP (International and Ibero-American Foundation of Administration and Public Policies), the Secretariat General of the Prison Services in Spain (SGIP) and the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Croatia, was successfully concluded in 2017. The overarching goal of the project was to strengthen the efficiency of the judiciary of the Republic of Croatia in the criminal justice system. The total budget was EUR 700,000.

The project was implemented in the period from 15 April 2016 to 15 July 2017. The main components included:

  • Strengthening the probation system by improving the institutional capacity of the probation facilities
  • Further development of sustainable basic and further training in the probation service
  • Supporting the introduction of a pilot project for electronic monitoring
  • Improving the public perception of probation service (under consideration of financial and social aspects)
  • Training programmes for long-term needs were developed in 2017. Tried and tested practices and acknowledged principles of probation were exchanged in a large number of workshops, training measures, seminars and study visits in Germany and Spain.

The team consisted of experts from different member states: Spain, Germany, Romania and Belgium. They achieved the project targets in cooperation with Croatian experts from police authorities, the correctional and probation services, as well as judges and public prosecutors.

Funded by the European Union