Romania: New operational tools for EU law enforcement and judicial authorities to conduct financial investigations in transnational cases with asset recovery component

EU Action Grant

Team leader: Ion Claudiu Teodorescu
Responsible at the IRZ: Katharina Tegeder, Frank Hupfeld, Christian Schuster

This project was started in June 2015 with an initial meeting of experts and concluded with a final conference in July 2016. The project budget amounted to around EUR 270,000. The subject of the project comprised methods of financial investigation in preparation for the recovery of assets in cross-border criminal law cases. Three workshops were carried out, along with six seminars and two conferences to conclude the project. This was supplemented by the preparation of a handbook on the project subject.

The aim of the project was to promote the efficiency of the investigating police officers and public prosecutors from the participating EU Member States in order to ease the recovery of assets obtained through crime in cross-border cases and improve the cooperation between the individual investigative authorities to combat economic and financial crime.


Funded by the European Union